Spark Console

Console UI, PC Master Race.

Screenshot of Spark

Spark Console

Spark Console is a cross-distributors PC game launcher,
it will auto-scan your computer and imports all your games from other clients (Steam, Blizzard, Origin, Uplay, GOG and more).
You can view, launch and manage all your games from one place.

Simple UI and search

Upon startup, Spark will automatically search for installed games.
All your games would be displayed and divided by the clients they were installed through.
You always have the possibility to add games manually.

Automatic Updates

Integrated notification system with fully Automated updates.
We will always make sure that you are running the latest version.

High Resolution Support

Compatibility with high resolution monitors, Fully modular UI for 4K and ultrawide displays.

Controller & Keyboard Support

If you love gaming with a game pad, Spark Console is just for you.
Browes and launch games from your couch.

Fully automated scan

Our algorithm can find most of the games installed on your PC.
We are constantly improving our service to make sure all of your games are found.

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